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They are incredible travel activities worlwide, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything! On this website, you’ll find out the must-sees organized in a TOP 10 of the best things to do in major travel destinations (all around the world!). We also give you travel tips to book hotels, transport, and travel services.

We were 3 when we started this project in 2017 (Francois, Caro & Franck). Since then, we’ve also invited some of our friends to share their travel tips and experience (Pauline, Louise, Elisa…). We only write on the destinations which we’ve personally visited to provide you with fair, detailed and authentic advice. We write articles every week, so make sure you add us in your favorites and follow us on social media!

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You’re looking for great things to do for your next travels? We share our experience!

We (Caro & François) have had the chance to travel a lot in the past few years and experience crazy activities! Here is a short summary of our past 4 years of travels, it may give you some ideas!

  • In 2017, we spent 10 days in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Barbados, Sainte-Lucie and Antigua). We then traveled in Dubai and Oman (an amazing surprise!). We also visited the western part of Canada for 3 weeks, in the region of Vancouver and the Rockies (we saw plenty of cute bears!). In addition, we traveled to Croatia, London, Berlin, Budapest, Washington DC and Philadelphia that same year.
  • 2018 was a pretty busy year for us! We visited Iceland during the winter, where we experienced diving in a freezing cold water (35,6°F). We went out to meet the wild gorillas in Uganda, before exploring the deserts and temples in Jordan. Like almost every year, we also travelled in the USA. We did 2 road-trips: one in South Dakota and one in national parks of the West. We came back with plenty of travel tips to share! Lastly, we took advantage of long weekends to visit Madrid, Vienna and Barcelona!
  • In 2019, we discovered several islands of Hawaii before going on a road trip in California. We also went back to Florida and the Bahamas. In Europe, we discovered Brussels and the north of Italy (Milano and the lakes region).
  • In 2020, we started a trip around the world but we got stopped by the Covid-19 epidemic. We were able to visit Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos before having to come back home to France. We were really invested in this trip, but like everyone else, we had to adapt our plans! There are definitely worse things in life than having to stop a tour around the world… So we spent our lockdown in Normandy, a region we invite you to discover throughout many articles. This period gave us quite a lot of time to complete the blog! Especially on the French destinations that we know well but that we had put aside a little bit until now… The mistake is now fixed! In the following months, we would like to resume our travels and why not go to Polynesia?! 

On his side, Franck moved to Montreal with his girlfriend Jodie several years ago. Since then, they travel a lot in America and enjoy the local life.

With all those past travels and new trips to come, we still have plenty to tell you, and a lot more tips to share with you! We will also try to add more reviews for our favorite activities :).

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