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We regularly add articles to provide you with the best travel ideas and good deals to help you organize your trips. We only write on the destinations we personally visited so you get an authentic feedback on our experience, and benefit from useful travel tips. 

Find all our TOP 10 articles below, listed by geographic zone. Don’t hesitate to click on the comment section at the end of each article if you have any questions! We’ll be happy to help! Enjoy the reading and “bon voyage”! .

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French Polynesia

Middle East

Middle East

We will soon add new tops 10 !!!

There are many other destinations we want to write about, unfortunately writing takes some time! We want to make sure we select the best TOP 10 activities and provide you with the best tips and good deals. 

In the past years, we were able to travel around the world. We have a lot to share with you on many destinations: what to see and do, the best travel activities, sightseeing tours, tips, good deals, and much more!  

Discovering North America and particularly the USA has been a big part of our travels for the past years. We’ve been to major cities like New York, Chicago and New Orleans, but we also discovered some regions like Florida, California, the National Parks of the West, and even Hawaii during road trips. We’re preparing TOP 10s on all the cities we were lucky to visit!
In Canada, we traveled to Montreal and the region of Vancouver.

We’ve also been to several African countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, and Namibia. There’s a lot to write about: major cities, wildlife, safaris, the Kilimanjaro…

In the Middle East, we loved visiting the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and Jordan! Dubai being a very touristic destination, we tested many activities which we will be sharing our detailed feedback on!

As for Latin America, a few years ago, we went on an amazing trip to Ecuador to discover the Galapagos and the Amazon rainforest! We also visited Mexico which was awesome.

Living in France, we were able to travel to many major European cities during long weekends or short breaks. We visited London, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Lisbon, Milano, Amsterdam, and many more! We also travelled to Iceland which was definitely a one-in-a-lifetime experience! 

A couple months ago, we decided to go on a world tour, starting in Asia. We were lucky enough to travel to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia before we were stopped by the COVID-19 epidemic. Unfortunately, we had to come back in France in April, but we’re already preparing our next trip! Make sure to follow us on our social media to discover our new destination 😉

During the past 2 months, we re-discovered our home region: Normandy! We took advantage of this period to write on the major destinations of our region: the D-Day Landing sites, the Mont-Saint-Michel, Caen, and more! We also plan on making the most out of our time in France to discover other regions and share with you the best travel activities in the top destinations. 

As you can see, a lot more is yet to come! We’re very eager to share our experience and post new articles to inspire your future trips! 

In addition to our past trips, we plan to continue travelling as soon as we can! We’ll write new TOP 10 articles on the destinations we discover next. If you want to follow our travels day by day, make sure you hit the follow button on Instagram and like us on Facebook! 😉