Who are we ?

You may have noticed, there are a ton of TOP 10s all over the Internet! To make things clearer, our goal is to bring together on ONE travel website a TOP 10 of the must-see sites and travel activities for every major tourist destination in the world.

Francois - Blog Que Faire en Voyage

François: I’m from Normandy in France. I lived in Paris and worked in the tourism sector for 10 years. I had the chance to visit over 50 countries and study in the USA, so I decided to share my experience over this website. In the past years, I travelled with my friends, family, and my girlfriend Caroline. A couple months ago, we left Paris to start a world tour (we really do love travelling!). On vacation, I love to discover natural sites and practice sports activities. I met Franck a few years ago and we decided to launch this site in 2017. I’m mainly in charge of writing the TOP 10 articles. 

Franck - Blog Que Faire en Voyage

Franck: I’m the oldest one of the crew (and obviously the wisest ^^). I work in computer science and have worked in the tourism sector for a few years. That’s where I met François and was able to better understand the different sites in this industry. I now live in Montreal where I plan to complete my North American travel bucket list! I love to travel and discover new horizons, which is why I really liked the idea of creating this blog. I hope to make it as “user-friendly” as possible 🙂

Caro - Blog Que Faire en Voyage

Caroline: I’m also from Normandy. I work as a “duty nurse”, which allows me the freedom of moving around and doing the job I love wherever I want. I travel a lot with François, but also with my friends and family. I love taking the time to enjoy every place and moment during my vacation time. I joined François and Franck to participate in the creation of the TOP 10s.

On some occasion, we also invite other friends to collaborate and share their travel tips on the website :

Pauline: My parents loved to travel so I had the chance to join them since I was a child. I also lived in Ireland a year before moving to Paris. I now work in the tourism and hotel industry. I worked with François a few years ago, and he invited me to share my experiences and favorite places. 

Louise: I grew up in the Vendée region of France, but I’ve been living in Paris for a couple years now. I’ve also lived in Spain and travelled around Europe.  I am a teacher who love travelling! On vacation, I like to visit cultural sites, discover new landscapes and walk around in the streets. I’m one of those travellers who likes to keep a logbook. I met François a few years ago, and joined the team to share all my travel tips and good deals on my favorite destinations. 

It’s impossible for all of us to visit all countries and all destinations of the world, even if we would love to… This is why we plan on growing our team and have other travellers share their experience. We really insist on posting TOP 10s written only by trustworthy people who actually visited the destination.

For each TOP 10, we try to mix our opinion with the opinions of other travellers, locals, bloggers, travel guides, tourism offices, etc. We want to make sure our TOP 10s are as complete and as objective as possible.

For each visit or attraction, we want to include as much information as possible so you can make the most out of it: detailed feedback on our own experiences, useful information, links to booking sites, pictures, etc.

The site is only at its beginning, so please feel free to reach out if you have any tips on how we can improve it :). We hope we can inspire your next travels, give you ideas and useful tips not to miss out on anything during your next trip!